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About you

I am the Founder/Managing Director of AsBella Events and AsBella Models. At AsBella we provide full event solutions with a focus in the fashion industry. Located in Sydney and Hong Kong, the heart & soul of our business is to always honour our customer’s vision
and bring them to life.  Besides work, my second love is Fashion and Interior Design, which goes hand in hand with the industry I am in.
What is your style?
The outfit that I feel most empowered in, is a tailored dress with a pair of high heels. I also like to have fun with my style, by mixing and matching of colours, prints and textures. It really depends on the mood I wake up with, but a sexy pair of heels is a must for every outfit!
What is your style secret?
I get inspired by what is on the runway, but most of all I wear what makes me feel most confident. Whether you are going to an event or a casual lunch, put on an outfit that makes you feel sexy, and it automatically elevates your level of confidence. That is my style secret.
What do you love about Style Palette?

Style Palette provides a platform where customers can choose their own style, colour and cut. What I love most about Style Palette is that you can choose what best suits for your body type.