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Style Interviews


I am a Sydney based fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer who has written, blogged and edited for a host of publications both online and in print. I am also the founder of the blog Deliberately Chic and a fashion commentator who has featured on judging panels both here in Australia as well as the USA. I love having the creativity at Style Palette, to develop a garment using my choice of fabric and cut. Designing a piece that is unique to me ensures individuality.

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I am a Newcastle based Personal stylist. My love for fashion was sparked at a young age after spending my childhood years growing up in Australia’s art and fashion hub, the city of Melbourne. In my early 20’s I moved to London where my love for fashion grew even further. I have traveled the world soaking in all the different styles and cultures of the many nations. I love that at Style Palette there is so many options to take and look at when visiting the site. I love that if I’m feeling creative I can just visit the site and express what’s in my head.

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I am a fashion commentator for Ch9 Mornings, an eco stylist, Salvos ambassador and dedicated story teller. I love that style palette allows you to be in control of your creative destiny. As some one who loves to create my own looks with customising and DIY I think this is another fabulous way to pave your own style story.

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